How I got my glasses + Contact Lenses

Ok, so I have been wearing glasses for about 7 years now. I was in English and we had to answer the questions of the board, I started answering the questions and suddenly…

you guessed it, the sentences on the board started getting blurry. This had never happened before and I thought it was just me being me. I ended up missing 2 questions.

After school I told my mum what had happened and she told me to read a sentence from the TV at a long distance, it was a little bit blurry but I could read it fine resulting in my mother not being too bothered about it. Then, my vision had gotten worse, so worse that I needed my friend to help me read the questions of the board. After that, my mum had booked me an appointment at the opticians (Optical Express) and, surprise, surprise, I needed glasses. I’m short-sighted, meaning that I can see things clearly if they are close to me, but I can’t see thing over long distances. A few months later, my sister needed glasses, my other sister needed glasses and my 3 cousins!!! Crazy right. What kind of gene pool is this? I think my eye sight was -0.5 to -1 at the start. Now it’s -3.75. Yep!

I wasn’t always a big fan of my glasses, I’m not really now. I would like to wake up and see everything clearly, I don’t like constantly having to clean my glasses (even though I barely do it anyway) and I don’t want to rely on something for the rest of my life. But alas I have to. I actually want to do laser eye surgery but I am scared to do it as there is an unfortunate risk of blindness and eye damage. YAY!

But there is one thing that has kind of made my life quite easier and that is contact lenses!

I was desperate to get contact lenses as I personally think that I look better without glasses, not saying that gasses make you look ugly, so I was begging my mum to book an appointment for me to get them done. My sister, who is 2 years younger than me had gotten them so it was fair if I had gotten them to as I am older.

My mum had FINALLY booked an appointment, this time at Specsavers!

First, they have to examine your eye and see if your eyes are healthy enough to get them done. They put a yellow dye in your eye to detect if you have dry eyes. The optician had said that my eyes are a little bit dry and my mum said that it runs in the family. Great! They also put a stick in your eyes to keep them open I think but I can’t remember. I think they put other drops in to but I think every opticians have their own way of doing it.

After that appointment, they order some contacts for you! In Specsavers, there are 3 options of what contacts you want: £30.00 contacts, £34.00 contacts and £40.00 contacts all have 30 pairs of the lenses coloured or clear. I chose clear. I had first opted for the £30.00 contacts but my eyes had felt weird wearing them, this is actually because eyes are fairly big, so the optician had recommended me the £34.00 and they feel A LOT better.

Once the contacts have arrived, they book an appointment and teach you how to put them in!

  1. They did give me a booklet about the facts and how to insert them. They also tackled the myth that contacts can go behind the eye, it is IMPOSSIBLE!
  2. They had told me to wash my hands and dry them thoroughly so you don’t get little specks of dust in the contacts and in your eye.
  3. They make you put the contacts in and out of your eye 3 times to make sure you have mastered it. It took me half an hour to do it, which is apparently the average time it takes for a person to do it.
  4. After that, the optician checks your eyes, with the contacts in them, and books another appointments where they check you in your contacts again to ensure that the lenses are perfect for your eyes. The optician just checks your eye sight and puts a bright light in your eye to make sure everything is good. This is where I found out that I should opt for the £34.00 contacts instead.
  5. When all that is done, they will see you every 2 years (depending on the opticians) as a regular follow-up.

I got my very own stash of contacts on the 14th July 2016, so I’m currently in the journey of contacts. I only wear my contacts for occasions and get togethers.

As I do suffer from dry eyes, I do put eye drops in before I wear the lenses because if I don’t, I will constantly blink.

I wanted to make this blog post to help you guys if you are to get contacts and I told you guys my story because I got my eyes checked weeks after my vision got blurry, which is obviously not good; if you do start seeing things as blurry, it could be because you need glasses, it might not be because you are tired or you being you.

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