Applying Castor Oil in My Hair

So my hair is quite thin and a beautician noticed this and told me to apply use castor oil.


So as I am DESPERATE, my mum bought me some castor oil from a market hall and I applied it yesterday!

First thoughts: It is SO thick! It is very hard to apply on the hair and it makes my hair feel sticky and very greasy (I hate the feel of greasy hair on my head). After applying, I wrapped my hair in a hair turban and left it for exactly 3 hours.

After 3 hours, I went to the shower and washed it off. I shampooed my hair twice and conditioned twice and only 80% of the oil washed out. I still had some oil left in my hair but I washed that out after wards.

I did some research and found out that if i dampen my hair, the oil will absorb better, you can leave it for only half and hour, mix it with another oil to reduce thickness, and heat the oil to make it easier to apply.

The next time I will apply the oil is next week. See ya then!


So my relatives came over so I couldn’t apply the oil.


MY GCSE RESULTS WERE OUT!!! – I passed by the way!


I mixed the castor oil with coconut oil as the oil does give benefits to your hair. I heated it up and applied it to my hair. I wrapped my hair in a hair towel and only left it in there for half an hour.

I also read that before you are going to wash your hair, apply shampoo first, then wash. So that’s what I did. I used Head and Shoulders Original Shampoo because  I feel that the shampoo gets rid of impurities along with dandruff! I only use this when my hair feels exra greasy, I usually use Toni & Guy Shampoo for fine hair. I shampooed thrice and conditioned using Herbal Essences conditioner for exra volume (that’s the only conditioner I’ve got).

So I got out of the shower and realised that I did not use enough Head and Shoulders for my split ends so I washed that out. I can still feel some of the castor oil in my hair!

Next week, I will apply A LOT of Head and Shoulders in my hair before washing it out and I’ll see you then!

07/09/16 – 21/09/16

College started so I got distracted.


I have been doing the same thing, I have been using WAY more Head & Shoulders in my hair, and so far my hair is doing great.


I realise that my hair needs a break from the oil for every two weeks so that is what I have been doing and my hair feels great.

Thanks for reading, I hope that I’ve helped you and see you soon!

Anonymous Angel


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