Living Without Mother For A Week!

If you’re anything like me, then you probably depend on you mother to do most of the chores in the household and have a mother there by your side every day. – I do iron my clothes and hoover occasionally.

I admit me and my sisters are SPOILT!

So when my mother had decided to go Umrah (it is a type of pilgrimage for Muslims in Mecca, Saudi Arabia which can be performed at anytime of the year and is not mandatory, unlike Hajj, which is a mandatory pilgrimage for Muslims in the same place). I was so happy for her but then I realised that we won’t have her for a whole week! – My mum does work part-time at retail, so we usually don’t see her in the morning during Sundays and the occasional Saturday but we always see her on the weekdays (she works when we are at college or school). But during half term (where she is going), we usually don’t see her until late afternoon. But in the night she is with us; so we realised that this will be a bit awkward. It’ll not only be awkward because usually, my mother does all of the ‘heavy lifting’ in the household cooking and advanced cleaning.

My dad works from late afternoon to evenings in the weekdays but he took a week off for this occasion. – It will be quite difficult for him as he does cook and clean but also relies on mum for the heavy lifting.

Writing this blog post is making me reflect on how spoilt we all are.

So after the emotional goodbye party, we waved our mother goodbye for her religious journey.


Mum has just left and we hang out at our grandparents’ house with the family members who did not go. We went to Lidl because the bakery is AMAZING (you HAVE to try the croissants) for tomorrow’s breakfast, but the number of baked goods we bought can last us for the whole week! We also bought other items such as biscuits for our tea and Weetabix for my sister. We also went to the meat shop to get some chicken for lunch.

So you can say that we’re sorted for at least 2-3 days!

Whilst at home, our mother called and told us that she is on the plane with the rest of our family.

My dad made an AMAZING dinner (chicken curry) and we did the regular cleaning up that we usually do. I think the only difference was that she wasn’t there to clean the table, my sister was.

DAY 1:

It’s the morning and nothing feels unusual. We’re used to not having mum in the mornings on the weekend so on a Monday morning it feels like a typical Sunday. She called to inform us that she has completed her Umrah and she is at Burger King having a halal chicken burger (you don’t get halal Burger King in London).

My dad boiled up some chicken and I made some sandwiches for me, my little sister and my dad (my other sister went tuition so she missed out on my culinary skills). My dad was a bit annoyed that I didn’t wash the dishes but I HATE THE CHORE!

We went on with our day, I procrastinated, my sister did some work and my little sister went tuition.

My dad made some lamb curry and we did the usual cleaning up.

DAY 2:

I went to visit a studio so I wasn’t able to chat with my mum (I’m trying to call as I’m typing but NOTHING is happening).

I came back to see this elegant pot sitting on our counter top, it was filled with some pasta, I ask my dad as to who gave it and it was from our beautiful neighbour because she knew that our mum has gone to be religious and might’ve thought that we’re probably suffering without her presence. The pasta was delicious.

I unfortunately washed the dishes.Worst thing EVER!

We have decided to visit our grandparents as they are alone right now because our aunt has gone with my mum so we thought to just bring some food and socialise.

We went to our grandparents’ house and it was fun! We ate, watched TV, I helped make the chapati (roti) and I made the BEST tea.

We also went to our cousin’s house to make sure that everything is alright, they have also gone Umrah and do not have an alarm. – I stole some polo!

I stayed up quite late doing my work and then I went to sleep!

DAY 3:

I wake up to realise that both my aunt and my mother have sent some PICTURES! And they were also online so I had a mini Whatsapp conversation with them. My mum said she loved me.

I had my breakfast and then we chatted to my mum on FACE TIME (wifi in the hotel is £10 a day, IKR) and I hoovered the entire house. I am now procrastinating and writing a blog post!

I have had my lunch, I had pasta again, and I am still procrastinating. How will I finish my History Essay?!

I have gone through a mini break-through in my work but you know, when your 17 and in half term, all you wanna do is be free!

For dinner, my dad made some plain rice and we had it with the leftover chicken we had on Monday because you might as well.

We did the usual cleaning, I did a bit more homework and Day 3 was over!

DAY 4: 

My dad is really into property auctions, so today we went to the Allsop Residential Property Election. We did not get the desired house. But it was SO much fun, the auctioneer had SO much banter!

We arrive home and I have some maggi noodles (sub asian version of ramen)!

We chat with mum on the phone which is obviously a good time.


My AMAZING Shopping List!

We went shopping for gifts for my mom and my cousin, who went to Umrah, as a way of congratulating them and going Sainsburys to buy some stuff for dinner and for my Oreo Cheesecake that I will make on Sunday  – we were successful in buying suits for them! As you can see in our shopping, we were unsuccessful in buying some toffee youghurt for my lovely little sister.


I continue in barely doing my work!

For dinner we had my favourite meal off all time…STEAK!!! With mushroom sauce, creamy af mashed potatoes and chips! – Recipes for the first three will be coming soon.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make chips due because I was the only one who wanted them but we decided on making A LOT of mash! – This was a mistake.

Mum had given my the recipe for the marinade AGES ago so all I had to do was tell dad and the chicken steaks ended up as PERFECT!

I boiled the potatoes for the mash but I unfortunately did not boil them enough, turns out you need more than 20 mins. – So we ended up with uncooked lumps; we still ate it anyway. *sigh* I tried putting it in the microwave for 5 minutes but NOTHING! *sigh*

But the sauce ended up to be perfect so not everything fell to ashes!

After that, we did the usual thing of cleaning up, I made the tea and watched some YouTube videos.

DAY 5:


I wake up VERY EARLY (9am) and make some breakfast (toast) and watch Relic Hunter!

I help my sisters make some fluffy ass pancakes from Zoella – which were AMAZING and I head upstairs!

Right now, I am doing my homework and writing on this blog!

I have had my lunch, we has potatoe patties (aloo tikkies) and dad made then a BIT to spicy for our liking, I cleaned up, made some green tea and my sister left for her sleepover.

We have also decided to go to our grandparent’s house again, just because.

We went to our grandparents’ house and ate A LOT of food, I mean A LOT! Me and my sister helped out in the kitchen, I made the tea, she washed the dishes and Karachi Kings won the torunament!

WE unfortunately were not able to talk to our mother as they were busy sight-seeing Medinah.

Now we’re at home and I’m doing my History Essay, updating my Media blog and writing on this blog. Till then, GOODNIGHT!

Day 6:


Today we are going to…JUMP EVOLUTION!!! So exited!!!

We were able to talk to our mum today but I can’t remember what we talked about for some strange reason.

We had breakfast and I made my famous Oreo Cheesecake (recipe on this blog btw) for tommorow and went to our aunt’s house! (I woke up at 11ish so I didn’t have lunch)

We went to Jump Evolution and it was SOOO much fun! I lost a sock and there was this cute worker there (I’m 17 and hormonal ok).

We were planning on going to McDonalds but it was closed for renovation (oh well) so we decided to go to this Asian restaurant instead called Kebabish! – There food was AMAZING!

We came back to our aunt’s house, had the food, ate desert and drank some swiss hot chocolate!

We came back home and guess what, our neighbour gave us some MORE food, a Sunday Roast and our aunt had given us leftovers!

I got into my PJs, watched YouTube videos, watched a bit of Indian dramas and immediately fell asleep; I was SO tried!



OMG so I wake up at 11 (I know, I know) and have my breakfast, I’m watching Relic Hunter and my dad comes and starts talking about the flowers that we have to buy for our family who are coming TODAY, my dad and my sister go to Sainsburys and bought some nice ass bouquets for them!

My dad tells me to hoover the ENTIRE house (which I don’t mind) and also mop downstairs; I hoover upstairs, swept downstairs (procrastination) and moped. I also cleaned the bins and helped my sisters make their red velvet cake (I just butted in). I barely touched my work today.

I’m doing the usual procrastination and we get the call that the flight LANDED!!!

We head to our grandparents’ house and wait. We get the text that they are about a minute away so we grab the bouquets and head to the hall way; we got too excited when the mini van arrived (12 family members went) and ran outside. THE MINUTE I SAW MY MUM I JUST RAN FOR HER!!! – I also saw my mum and dad hug, which was sweet but unusual.

After the emotional reunion, we headed inside, ate food and caught up with life!

We received SO many personalised gifts which were: phone case, keyring and mirror! My name was written in Arabic! Mum also bought God knows how many packets of dates and A LOT of Zam Zam water (holy water).

Writing this blog and living without my mum has really made me reflect on how much we depend on her, the laundry was not touched and I couldn’t make a decent mashed potatoes.

But one thing I can definitely say is that our bond grew even more stronger!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post, sorry I haven’t been writing weekly, I have SOOO much college work to do it’s tiring. See you guys whenever.

Anonymous Angel


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