Dive In Dine In: Creams


So the day me and my best mate WAE thought about this was the day we decided to go to Creams!

Creams is a well known desert place in East London and is known mostly for their Waffles & Crepes – but they have Sundaes, Hot Drinks and Milkshakes!

Both of us had never been and when we saw our mate with a beautiful milkshake from the place, we decided to go!

First we googled the place and looked at the menu, thankfully they had a pretty good website with good information about the place, but they didn’t have the prices – luckily there is a creation called ‘Zomato’ and the menu was on their!

The food is moderately cheap, everything is £10 below, except for ‘The Crowd Pleaser’, but that’s for a whole family.

We looked through the menu and I was hoping to get my hands on a waffle, but the pictures showed more of the waffle than the items on top, so I decided against it. The thing that did caught my eye was the ‘Banana Burrito Wrap’ and ‘Crepe au Nutella’, and since WAE is a succer for coffee, ‘The Coffee Affrogato’ and ‘The Banana Burrito Wrap’.

We kept on yearning for the day that we could go and then the day FINALLY arrived!!!!

We grabbed the essentials: money & our appetite and headed to Gants Hill!

When we arrived, we were immediately seated (keeping in mind the fact this was after school hours) and we both went to order. I decided to go for the ‘Crepe au Nutella’ and waeam went for ‘Coffee Bean Latte Sundae’! – Like I said, coffee lover.

Ordering the food was quite easy, all we had to do was go up to the till. They did let me know that the crepe consisted of nuts and bananas which I thought was very thoughtful of them. After that, my food came LITERALLY A FEW MINUTES later! WAE’s food took its time. This happened in Nandos as well…

When that coffee bean sundae finally arrived, we both digged in!

IMG_20170324_172305_079Crepe au Nutella:- As you can see, it looked visually pleasing. But to be honest, I had higher expectations. The crepe tasted adequate and the bananas, along with the nuts, were too overpowering (WARNING: DO NOT ORDER THIS IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS ALLERGIC TO NUTS, THE SCENT WILL KILL HER). The only thing that kept me going, was the ice-cream on the side to neutralise the entire thing. I usually love pancakes with Nutella and banana but for some reason, this wasn’t for me. It tasted like an ordinary crepe rather than this new and amazing thing that I have never tried! I give this a 6/10. 


Coffee Bean Sundae:- WAE says: ‘the ice cream was nice however, the caramel sauce was not the best as it tasted a bit out dated. On top of the ice cream there were chocolate-covered coffee beans which I did not like as it was very hard, I also have braces which makes impossible for me to eat therefore I had to take the beans out.’ WAE gives this a 6/10.




Overall, the experiance at the restaurant was very pleasing, we were treated with great care. But the food was not as amazing as everyone had raved about. It could be because of what we ordered but who knows. The ice-cream was the only thing that kept us going.  It was nice, but not something I would dream about. In our opinion, Creams would be the place to go for a small occasion or every few months, not every week!

So Creams is a place to dine in but not every single day!

Tune in to our next adventure on Dine In Dive In!

Anonymous Angel


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