My Journey to Laser Hair Removal…

So, like humanity, we have all inherited genes from our parents. Some good genes and some no so good genes. I have unfortunately inherited the gene of excess body hair from my beautiful dad and I’m not gonna lie, has haunted me since I was about 7 years old!

It all started out when this idiot girl in my year 2 form class told me to do something about my excess arm hair (i never liked her) and I went to my mum and cried about it and I also used a razor and cut my finger!

After that, there and then, people would comment on it and some guys even called me werewolf – which I didn’t really mind because I was really into Twilight and the rest is history…

When I was in year 6, my mum talked about laser hair removal and suggested it (not in a ‘you have to way’ but in a ‘i know you have insecurities’ way. My cousin (or aunt, I really don’t know) also had this issue and she had waxed them off – I found another way to get rid of my insecurities!

But when I started secondary school, I realised that I wasn’t the only one with this insecurity (note how I’m saying ‘insecurity’ rather than ‘body issues’). I, as you know (if you have read my previous posts), went to an only girl’s school and realised that a lot of other girls also have excess body hair and I realised that this was actually normal and that I wasn’t the only one!

But, I’m not going to lie, it could be because of social factors or because of myself, I still despised my body hair! I did know about waxing off body hair and obviously laser, so when I was in year 9, I did the brave thing and waxed off my arm hair! It didn’t hurt that much, just a few pinches here and there, but overall, I felt good! Especially because it was a visible area. But I didn’t face any teasing because of my body hair in secondary than I did in primary.

The idea of laser hair removal stayed in my head since my mum suggested it. I did watch a

But then, when I was 14, this new beauty salon opened up literally a minute away from where I live and they are a laser and beauty clinic, meaning that they do laser hair removal and at a lower price (lower than your average laser treatment). I originally went to do my eyebrows (for the first time) and saw the poster.

The price was £600 for full body, so I started saving up. I made this strategy to split my pocket money into an important pile (the laser money) and random crap (random stuff that I want). I started pocket money with my dad of £10 a month – because I’m not greedy and I knew that this was going to be long.

I fully saved about £200 in my account by the time I started college (I didn’t sort out my strategy until i was in year 11). So between my last year of secondary to my first year of college, I decided to laser bit by bit, so legs, then arms, face etc. I chose my legs first, because I had a a lot of visible leg hair and I barely show them anyway, so if something did happen e.g. burn marks, scaring, noone would see them – they were my experiment!

I met a girl who is currently doing laser (I can’t remember where) and says that its fine and aloe vera will be your best friend.

I did ask before hand as to how old you have to be to do laser and they said 16, which was amazing because I was 15 when I first asked. But this time, when I was waxing my arms, I was talking to the beautician about lasering my legs and said that there was an offer!!! Rather than having 6 sessions for £450 (the original price), they had an offer where you can do 6 sessions of laser hair removal for only £169! That was £60 less than I had originally saved! – 6 sessions is the recommended amount, if some hairs are still present, then more sessions will be needed. I was absolutely ecstatic and without thinking, I said that I want to do it. She said that she had to check if the offer had expired or not; thankfully it didn’t, but would expire in 2 days! I said that I have to ask my mum and then she said that if she said m says yes, I would need to book a patch test.

So I ran home and asked my mum if I can do it, she said yes and I called the place and booked my patch test. This is basically a test to see if I can do the treatment or not. They will laser a patch of my body (I did a bit of my forearm) and see if I get a bad reaction to it e.g. spots, burns etc. If I had any of this, then I couldn’t do it.

So, the day came for me to get my test done! I was nervous but really excited. I had to reschedule because I forgot about my tutor so I went earlier than usual.

When arrived, they made me fill out some papers, one was a contract confirming that I am doing the treatment and the other had asked if I had any medical conditions, if I’m pregnant etc. Thankfully I did not have any of that!

The beautician had asked for my age and had realised that I am under 18 (I’ll be 18 in September). I needed a consent note from my mum to allow me to do it. But I did the patch test anyway.

She sat me down, made me wear green glasses, because the light can damage your eyes, put a VERY cold gell on the place she’d laser my arm, started the machine and lasered away!

It was alright. It wasn’t painful, I saw a bit of redness but she said that it was normal. She told me to come back and tell them if everything was okay and she also told me that I had to shave or wax my legs the night before the treatment. Luckily I waxed my arms the day before so she didn’t have to wax a patch of my arm. I was a bit irritated that I had to shave my legs because I HATED it! I always get paranoid that I have some patches of hair lying somewhere and I don’t want to cut myself and I had a very bad experience of razoring my finger nails when I was checking the smoothness of my legs – don’t ask! After that, I paid a deposit of £20 – if everything went bad then they would’ve given me the money back! Luckily nothing happened!

After 24 hours, I realised that I didn’t get a bad reaction to the treatment and I could do it!

So I went to the salon, showed the beauticians my arm and booked my first official appointment!

Whilst I was writing this post, I realised that this would be too long to read, so I’ve decided to divide this into post on each session to make life a lot more easier. 

See you then…

Anonymous Angel


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