My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 1

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that nervous! I was excited, but not nervous. I arrived in the salon, gave my consent form and went down to do my laser treatment!

Now this is when things got a bit awkward. I am a MASSIVE lover of jeans and evidently, I was wearing them on the day of my treatment and unfortunately, I had to take them off, thus exposing my smooth yet stubbly legs and the unfortunate amount of cellulite. YAY!

This only lasted for a second because I knew that I was not the only one with this insecurity and I doubt my beautician would have given a damn about it.

I place my jeans in the provided basket, as well as my bag and shoes, she gave me the green spectacles, I lay down, she puts the freezing cold gel on me, starts off the machine and begins to laser the hell of my legs!

This time, I did feel a slight burn/tingling sensation near my ankle. But it was durable (threading is a lot worse) but I did not have that before – it was probably because I did it on  a different part of my body.

During the treatment, we were having small talk because we knew eachother and I did face another awkward/weird moment when she told me to turn around (to do the back part of my leg). With my freshly scraped legs and my current relaxation state, I did find this part quite weird. Especially as the rolled tissue on the chair as sticking to some parts of my leg!

After ALL of that, I put my jeans on – this didn’t feel weird or awkward for me, headed up to pay the remaining cash and to book my next session. My beautician told me to not shave, not to tan, avoid direct contact to sunlight and to not shower for 24 hours.

I went to KFC and I was paranoid because it was a sunny day but my legs felt fine and they still do.

When I FINALLY arrive home, my family were shocked that I arrive earlier than they had thought. I showed them my legs and I think they assumed that my legs would be different – but they weren’t.

Post Laser:

After about 2 weeks. I noticed that parts of my hair were not growing consistently. I had parts where my leg hair was fully grown and some parts where there was just stubble. This was a sign that the treatment was working!

My legs were quite itchy, but I read that this was one of the side effects of laser hair removal and my legs to tend to get quite itchy when I shave them – one of the reasons why I was getting the treatment done!

Anonymous Angel


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