My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 2

When your post gets deleted and you deleted the draft…

Pre Treatment:

So, obviously I was excited to see the little hairs gone off of my somewhat beautiful legs.

Like every laser appointment, I have to shave my legs before the appointment and I really wanted to make sure that I get as close to the hair line as possible.

I was watching Wengie’s summer hacks video ( and she showed this double shave method where you: shave > exfoliate > shave and this guaranteed softer legs and it would get rid of the dead skin cells.

So the scrub consisted of honey, olive oil and sugar and you mix that to make a scrub.

I did the method and realised that my razor kept on getting clogged up so I started to use a new razor during my shave.

After the shave, I noticed that I was getting ingrown hair as well as red bumps on my fore leg.

The Treatment:

I arrived at the salon and was conscious about one thing, I unfortunately had started my period meaning that I am wearing a pad (I have never tried a tampon and I don’t know anyone who even uses one). So I was a bit conscious that she’d see my pad but I knew that this was all in my head.

The treatment felt the same as usual, I could feel it more for some reason.

Post Treatment:

I’m not going to lie, my legs are quite itchy, it could be because of the laser or the fact that I was shaving. Right now I’m using my E45 to sooth the pain but it doesn’t seem to be working.

We’ll soon find out what is going on.

Anonymous Angel


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