My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 3

Pre Laser:

So I shaved my legs for my treatment, and obviously I used the double shave method as before. I used my current and a new razor to do this. The old razor for the first shave and the new one for the second shave. I did this so the new razor can take of the dead skin without getting clogged up as much.

But this time, my legs were seriously itchy, especially around my knee area – my legs usually do oftenly get quite itchy after I shave (one of the reasons why I opted for laser).

My mum did buy some aloe vera gel so I rubbed that around my legs and it did get a bit better.

The Treatment:

So I went to my appointment, the beautician started to laser my legs. There was a strange thing that I noticed, she did my feet and toes. I did shave them because they were getting a bit too hairy but she never lasered them before, so yeah.

After she did the front of my legs I turned around and the beautician noticed that I’ve got shaving rash around the back of my knees, since I was scratching there. So because of this, in order to not damage more than what was already there – the intense heat from the laser might cause the rashes to bleed.

So in order to avoid this, she told me to come back after a few days and gave me some tips to avoid these rashes. Some of these were to:

  • Use conditioner rather than shaving cream to have a better glide.
  • Use a new raser
  • Rather than shaving, use a trimmer – to avoid the rash

So I am going to buy a trimmer, preferably a Veet one and see how that goes!

I bought my trimmer after an annoying bus trip and I posted a review of it on my blog. So check that out.

Post Treatment:

My legs are itchy as f**k right now and I am constantly putting aloe vera and cream on them to sooth them, I’ve put ice on my legs to control the itch and that has actually worked.

2nd Treatment:

After a cancellation, I finally managed to get the back of my legs done!

I told my beautician that my legs were definitely itchy and she said it was because of the shaving. The laser usually hurts around my ankles and this time, I could definitely feel it on my calf.

After that, I went home, took my pants off and layed down in my sweet sweet bed with the AC on.

Post Treatment:

My legs do occasionally itch but its nothing that some aloe vera and ice can’t do and I have definitely noticed a significant decrease in the amount of hair growing on my legs. Its VERY patchy. But I am paranoid that I will need more than 6 sessions to get rid of the majority of the growth.

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