My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 4

Pre Laser:

I am getting a bit paranoid that I will need more than 6 sessions for my legs to be smooth. Why? Because I keep seeing stubble and its getting irritating.

I am starting to see less and less hair growth which is obviously a good sign.

I trimmed my legs using my trusty trimmer but it does take a while for the hair to be trimmed to the desired length, I often had to go over a stand of hair a few times before the hair went down.

My mum bought me the salted coconut hand scrub from lush (which I usually use on my body), exfoliated my legs after i trimmed and I used the body shop mango shower gel (which leaves my skin feeling soft).

The session:

This time, the session kind of felt a lot more sensitive than my previous sessions. I don’t know why, but it just did for some reason. Again, she had done my feet which I found quite interesting.

Post Laser:

I am seriously getting paranoid that I will need to do more than 6 sessions on my legs! I feel like more hair is growing back than ‘disappearing’. I asked my cousin who is also doing it at a different place and her legs look smooth.

We were talking to my mum about it and GUESS WHAT, my mum says that the beautician had spoken to her (just as my mum also goes there) and she told my mum that I shouldn’t have done the treatment now because I’m still growing up and my hormones are going crazy and because of this, my hair growth will be weird…


So after that, I decided that I will continue shaving, I don’t think the trimmer is meeting the hair length requirements for my treatment and I think that I have learnt my lesson after the razor burns!

I’m looking at my legs now and I think that I may have overreacted about the hair growth and I’m seeing less hair than usual.

We’ll see in my next session.

Anonymous Angel


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