My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 3

Pre Laser:

So I shaved my legs for my treatment, and obviously I used the double shave method as before. I used my current and a new razor to do this. The old razor for the first shave and the new one for the second shave. I did this so the new razor can take of the dead skin without getting clogged up as much.

But this time, my legs were seriously itchy, especially around my knee area – my legs usually do oftenly get quite itchy after I shave (one of the reasons why I opted for laser).

My mum did buy some aloe vera gel so I rubbed that around my legs and it did get a bit better.

The Treatment:

So I went to my appointment, the beautician started to laser my legs. There was a strange thing that I noticed, she did my feet and toes. I did shave them because they were getting a bit too hairy but she never lasered them before, so yeah.

After she did the front of my legs I turned around and the beautician noticed that I’ve got shaving rash around the back of my knees, since I was scratching there. So because of this, in order to not damage more than what was already there – the intense heat from the laser might cause the rashes to bleed.

So in order to avoid this, she told me to come back after a few days and gave me some tips to avoid these rashes. Some of these were to:

  • Use conditioner rather than shaving cream to have a better glide.
  • Use a new raser
  • Rather than shaving, use a trimmer – to avoid the rash

So I am going to buy a trimmer, preferably a Veet one and see how that goes!

I bought my trimmer after an annoying bus trip and I posted a review of it on my blog. So check that out.

Post Treatment:

My legs are itchy as f**k right now and I am constantly putting aloe vera and cream on them to sooth them, I’ve put ice on my legs to control the itch and that has actually worked.

2nd Treatment:

After a cancellation, I finally managed to get the back of my legs done!

I told my beautician that my legs were definitely itchy and she said it was because of the shaving. The laser usually hurts around my ankles and this time, I could definitely feel it on my calf.

After that, I went home, took my pants off and layed down in my sweet sweet bed with the AC on.

Post Treatment:

My legs do occasionally itch but its nothing that some aloe vera and ice can’t do and I have definitely noticed a significant decrease in the amount of hair growing on my legs. Its VERY patchy. But I am paranoid that I will need more than 6 sessions to get rid of the majority of the growth.

Anonymous Angel

Thoughts on Religion…

When I was young, 5 years old to be precise, I did not know who/what God was. It wasn’t until my cousins came to visit from Pakistan that I had discovered who He is. I did have some friends who would talk about him but I thought that he was just an Imaam at a mosque.

Growing up, I wasn’t very religious and to be honest, I’m still not. I don’t dress modestly, apart from only wearing sleeved tops, I don’t cover my hair, I don’t pray 5 times a day, I don’t mind having a boyfriend and a few other things that some people would cast as ‘not being religious’.

If you have read my first blog post, you would know that I was the only Muslim girl in my class who did not wear a head scarf and I was treated very harshly for that. Being told that I am going straight to hell, snakes would eat my corpse and the Sun would burn me, just because of wearing nail polish. I was not only confused but upset at these so called ‘friends’ for saying this stuff to me and to be honest, I did not know what to do.

Part of me did not believe them whatsoever, but a part of me was rethinking as to how religious I really am and whether I really was ‘a muslim’.

My family aren’t as religious as the next family, except for my dad who you can say is the most religious family member.

I’m not totally secular, I have read the Qu’ran, 4 times to be exact, I understand its meaning, I know how to pray namaaz, I am a firm believer in God. So how could they just say that I’m not Muslim?

I admit I’m not sure whether to believe every single thing on the Qu’ran, I’m not sure whether to believe in heaven and hell or in jins. I’m more of an ‘I’ll believe it till I see it’ kind of girl.

Coming in to secondary school did help me as I was not the only one who did not wear a headscarf and I found out that another girl who went to the same primary school as me had also faced the same problem but she was in a different class to me.

I realised that I wasn’t alone.

What I fail to understand is that isn’t bullying a big no in religion? Isn’t it wrong to oppress someone? Wouldn’t that leave a mark on judgement day?

I personally believe that everyone has their own take on what exactly religion is to them. Someone can be the most modest person but that might not reflect what’s on the inside, maybe to someone, praying isn’t the only way to stay connected to God, but through something else.

Whatever it is, I hope it allows you to feel closer to God as well as to identify with your religion.

Anonymous Angel

My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 2

When your post gets deleted and you deleted the draft…

Pre Treatment:

So, obviously I was excited to see the little hairs gone off of my somewhat beautiful legs.

Like every laser appointment, I have to shave my legs before the appointment and I really wanted to make sure that I get as close to the hair line as possible.

I was watching Wengie’s summer hacks video ( and she showed this double shave method where you: shave > exfoliate > shave and this guaranteed softer legs and it would get rid of the dead skin cells.

So the scrub consisted of honey, olive oil and sugar and you mix that to make a scrub.

I did the method and realised that my razor kept on getting clogged up so I started to use a new razor during my shave.

After the shave, I noticed that I was getting ingrown hair as well as red bumps on my fore leg.

The Treatment:

I arrived at the salon and was conscious about one thing, I unfortunately had started my period meaning that I am wearing a pad (I have never tried a tampon and I don’t know anyone who even uses one). So I was a bit conscious that she’d see my pad but I knew that this was all in my head.

The treatment felt the same as usual, I could feel it more for some reason.

Post Treatment:

I’m not going to lie, my legs are quite itchy, it could be because of the laser or the fact that I was shaving. Right now I’m using my E45 to sooth the pain but it doesn’t seem to be working.

We’ll soon find out what is going on.

Anonymous Angel

My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 1

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that nervous! I was excited, but not nervous. I arrived in the salon, gave my consent form and went down to do my laser treatment!

Now this is when things got a bit awkward. I am a MASSIVE lover of jeans and evidently, I was wearing them on the day of my treatment and unfortunately, I had to take them off, thus exposing my smooth yet stubbly legs and the unfortunate amount of cellulite. YAY!

This only lasted for a second because I knew that I was not the only one with this insecurity and I doubt my beautician would have given a damn about it.

I place my jeans in the provided basket, as well as my bag and shoes, she gave me the green spectacles, I lay down, she puts the freezing cold gel on me, starts off the machine and begins to laser the hell of my legs!

This time, I did feel a slight burn/tingling sensation near my ankle. But it was durable (threading is a lot worse) but I did not have that before – it was probably because I did it on  a different part of my body.

During the treatment, we were having small talk because we knew eachother and I did face another awkward/weird moment when she told me to turn around (to do the back part of my leg). With my freshly scraped legs and my current relaxation state, I did find this part quite weird. Especially as the rolled tissue on the chair as sticking to some parts of my leg!

After ALL of that, I put my jeans on – this didn’t feel weird or awkward for me, headed up to pay the remaining cash and to book my next session. My beautician told me to not shave, not to tan, avoid direct contact to sunlight and to not shower for 24 hours.

I went to KFC and I was paranoid because it was a sunny day but my legs felt fine and they still do.

When I FINALLY arrive home, my family were shocked that I arrive earlier than they had thought. I showed them my legs and I think they assumed that my legs would be different – but they weren’t.

Post Laser:

After about 2 weeks. I noticed that parts of my hair were not growing consistently. I had parts where my leg hair was fully grown and some parts where there was just stubble. This was a sign that the treatment was working!

My legs were quite itchy, but I read that this was one of the side effects of laser hair removal and my legs to tend to get quite itchy when I shave them – one of the reasons why I was getting the treatment done!

Anonymous Angel

My Journey to Laser Hair Removal…

So, like humanity, we have all inherited genes from our parents. Some good genes and some no so good genes. I have unfortunately inherited the gene of excess body hair from my beautiful dad and I’m not gonna lie, has haunted me since I was about 7 years old!

It all started out when this idiot girl in my year 2 form class told me to do something about my excess arm hair (i never liked her) and I went to my mum and cried about it and I also used a razor and cut my finger!

After that, there and then, people would comment on it and some guys even called me werewolf – which I didn’t really mind because I was really into Twilight and the rest is history…

When I was in year 6, my mum talked about laser hair removal and suggested it (not in a ‘you have to way’ but in a ‘i know you have insecurities’ way. My cousin (or aunt, I really don’t know) also had this issue and she had waxed them off – I found another way to get rid of my insecurities!

But when I started secondary school, I realised that I wasn’t the only one with this insecurity (note how I’m saying ‘insecurity’ rather than ‘body issues’). I, as you know (if you have read my previous posts), went to an only girl’s school and realised that a lot of other girls also have excess body hair and I realised that this was actually normal and that I wasn’t the only one!

But, I’m not going to lie, it could be because of social factors or because of myself, I still despised my body hair! I did know about waxing off body hair and obviously laser, so when I was in year 9, I did the brave thing and waxed off my arm hair! It didn’t hurt that much, just a few pinches here and there, but overall, I felt good! Especially because it was a visible area. But I didn’t face any teasing because of my body hair in secondary than I did in primary.

The idea of laser hair removal stayed in my head since my mum suggested it. I did watch a

But then, when I was 14, this new beauty salon opened up literally a minute away from where I live and they are a laser and beauty clinic, meaning that they do laser hair removal and at a lower price (lower than your average laser treatment). I originally went to do my eyebrows (for the first time) and saw the poster.

The price was £600 for full body, so I started saving up. I made this strategy to split my pocket money into an important pile (the laser money) and random crap (random stuff that I want). I started pocket money with my dad of £10 a month – because I’m not greedy and I knew that this was going to be long.

I fully saved about £200 in my account by the time I started college (I didn’t sort out my strategy until i was in year 11). So between my last year of secondary to my first year of college, I decided to laser bit by bit, so legs, then arms, face etc. I chose my legs first, because I had a a lot of visible leg hair and I barely show them anyway, so if something did happen e.g. burn marks, scaring, noone would see them – they were my experiment!

I met a girl who is currently doing laser (I can’t remember where) and says that its fine and aloe vera will be your best friend.

I did ask before hand as to how old you have to be to do laser and they said 16, which was amazing because I was 15 when I first asked. But this time, when I was waxing my arms, I was talking to the beautician about lasering my legs and said that there was an offer!!! Rather than having 6 sessions for £450 (the original price), they had an offer where you can do 6 sessions of laser hair removal for only £169! That was £60 less than I had originally saved! – 6 sessions is the recommended amount, if some hairs are still present, then more sessions will be needed. I was absolutely ecstatic and without thinking, I said that I want to do it. She said that she had to check if the offer had expired or not; thankfully it didn’t, but would expire in 2 days! I said that I have to ask my mum and then she said that if she said m says yes, I would need to book a patch test.

So I ran home and asked my mum if I can do it, she said yes and I called the place and booked my patch test. This is basically a test to see if I can do the treatment or not. They will laser a patch of my body (I did a bit of my forearm) and see if I get a bad reaction to it e.g. spots, burns etc. If I had any of this, then I couldn’t do it.

So, the day came for me to get my test done! I was nervous but really excited. I had to reschedule because I forgot about my tutor so I went earlier than usual.

When arrived, they made me fill out some papers, one was a contract confirming that I am doing the treatment and the other had asked if I had any medical conditions, if I’m pregnant etc. Thankfully I did not have any of that!

The beautician had asked for my age and had realised that I am under 18 (I’ll be 18 in September). I needed a consent note from my mum to allow me to do it. But I did the patch test anyway.

She sat me down, made me wear green glasses, because the light can damage your eyes, put a VERY cold gell on the place she’d laser my arm, started the machine and lasered away!

It was alright. It wasn’t painful, I saw a bit of redness but she said that it was normal. She told me to come back and tell them if everything was okay and she also told me that I had to shave or wax my legs the night before the treatment. Luckily I waxed my arms the day before so she didn’t have to wax a patch of my arm. I was a bit irritated that I had to shave my legs because I HATED it! I always get paranoid that I have some patches of hair lying somewhere and I don’t want to cut myself and I had a very bad experience of razoring my finger nails when I was checking the smoothness of my legs – don’t ask! After that, I paid a deposit of £20 – if everything went bad then they would’ve given me the money back! Luckily nothing happened!

After 24 hours, I realised that I didn’t get a bad reaction to the treatment and I could do it!

So I went to the salon, showed the beauticians my arm and booked my first official appointment!

Whilst I was writing this post, I realised that this would be too long to read, so I’ve decided to divide this into post on each session to make life a lot more easier. 

See you then…

Anonymous Angel

The Time He Liked Me…

So you guys know how hormonal I’ve been lately, well this time, the tables turned and the feelings weren’t there.

So, this all started out when the guy, let’s call him ‘O’, started an innocent conversation with me in the lunch line about change. I had a lot of loose change in my hand and he commented on it as it is an Asain stereotype (to have a lot of change) and we had a one second convo, we got our lunch and went our separate ways.

I wasn’t expecting him to remember that convo, I didn’t even think we were on the ‘hi’ level. But turns out, we were! We both come early to college and just sit in the common room. I think it was the next day that i entered the common room, he was there looking at me and I give him the nod – so here I confirm that we are kind of mates.

After that we keep nodding to other and I often caught him staring at me but me not doing anything back, I didn’t think it was weird. Once I was leaving college and he was smiling and staring at me and said something about change and I just shouted ‘alright’ with a smile.  I should’ve found the stares unusual but I didn’t.

The following week was when it all went down! One day, O and our mutual friend were talking about the law that if someone dies in the exam hall, all the students present would pass the exam, I was next to them talking to WAE and I overheard and confirmed it to him, he asked if I would sacrifice someone and I said (as a laugh) I would. WAE, had drama rehearsals for her exam so I was basically alone for some what 2 weeks. I would hang out with my other friends but this day, there wasn’t anyone to hang out with, so I sat on the table and started editing the sundae picture for my previous blog post. He comes up to me and says ‘did your squad abandon you’, as a joke, and told me to hang out with him so I did. We also learnt eachother’s names.

One day, I finished my lesson 10 minutes early so I went to the common room, as you do. He was there and I thought of something. I would always leave 3-5 minutes before the bell would go so I can leave when the gates open. I said to myself that if I leave and he follows me, he likes me, so I said bye to my friends very loudly and made sure that he knew this. I leave and halfway through, I hear someone call my name  and guess who it was, that’s right, O. We had banter about biryani and I went home.

I did have an inkling but I didn’t think about it until he found me on Instagram and started to frequently dm me! I would answer back but then he would not stop talking. After that I would leave it unseen after a few minutes because I was either doing work or binge watching the Originals – but I would always say that I’m doing work. I told him that I got a media exam and I was revising for that.

He told me that he would help me revise for it, even though he does not do the subject. The day happened when he would ‘help me’ and I said that I’m sick of Media and can’t be asked to revise for it; that didn’t stop him from staying though. So, me trying to be nice spent the entire freaking lunch with him, with his mate snapping a pic of us and sending it to him; he didn’t show me but I saw my stripped jumper. O also made a family tree with his mates and when one of his mates asked where I am, he said MY WIFE!!! I said ‘what’ and said I want a divorce. FML

We’re in the same house at college so we had to go to the same building (unfortunately) and he asked me if he can walk with me home. In my head, I scream ‘NO’, but I said that I walk fast and don’t like to wait for anyone but he said ‘we’re best friends now, I’ll wait for you’. I immediately say that I have a best friend so he has to be my second one, and then he said ‘did you just second grade me’ and I flat out said ‘yes’.

After that I started praying that he doesn’t walk me and when the bell went, I ran like there was no tomorrow. But he found me. And I was contemplating my entire existance. I was feeling so suffocated and I felt like running and stabbing O in the face. I was purposely making awkward conversations by not saying anything, avoiding eye contact and talking to my mates who were around. My bus comes, he says bye, I get in and try to forget what just happened. My mate with me said ‘did he wait for you?’, I unfortunately said ‘yes, but I don’t know why’. She started making that gushed face (as a tease) and I immediately shut her down and she says that if he does like me, blame A levels, which was always the plan.

This one girl who I thoroughly dislike and unfortunately tolerate was constantly making weird smirks at me whenever I was talking to O. I knew for a fact that if I ever talk to her, she would talk about it, so that’s exactly what I did; we take the same bus so I had an opportunity to talk to her. I had to muster the strength to say ‘hi’ and when I did, after a few seconds of small talk we immediately asks me, ‘how’s your love life’ – see I told you! I tell her that there’s nothing going on between us and I knew that she would talk about it. She said that he might like me and I reply that I hope he doesn’t; hoping that she might hint it at him because she’s that type of bitch who gets involved in people’s matters. But I don’t think she did *sigh*.

After that, I felt like complete shit, for some reason. I feel depressed and suffocated and I wanted to beat him up. I think its because I’ve never experianced this because I went to an only girl’s secondary and I seriously did not like him back.

So this is when I decided that I am going to set the record straight, I told a lot of people about my situation, I even got a guy’s point of view on the entire thing and they all think that he’s a creep. I don’t think he’s a creep, just an idiot in a weird form of love.

I got mixed advice from everyone, one friend said to immediately let him down, my sister said to indirectly reject him, WAE said ‘lol’ and to make sure that he actually does like me, my cousin said to block him and to say that my mum doesn’t like it when I talk to guys on Instagram. Love my Cousin.

One time, I came to school and HE WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE!!! I freak out and run to the computer room upstairs. He said that I can stay in the room but I just said that I have work to do. FMLx2

The next day was my media exam! I was both dreading the exam and O. I was with my mate who does media and he was there to asking questions about it. I was shouting at him to both be rude and because I was worried.

My media exam went good (they repeated the same question 3 years in a row) and I went to the common room because it was break. I noticed something, I noticed that whenever I was alone, he would approach me. I was with WAE and she went to the toilets, meaning that I was alone, he came and asked me how it went and I noticed a trend, there was a time when he could’ve talked to me, but he didn’t because I was with my friends; WAE said it was because he would want to spend anytime alone with me because he is infatuated. FMLx3

So this was when shit got real! He dmed me, after two days (his longest break) thinking that he was over it, obviously I was wrong. He asked me if I am ready for Ramadan. I first freak out, vent my anger out on Snapchat and I use my sister to help me get rid of him.

– After that, I say yes and it will be hard for the fuckboys
– He says ‘what fuckboys’
– I said the fuckboys who crush on a girl, keeps talking to her and tells all his friends about her.  As you can see, I was indirecting him.
– He says ‘sounds like me’
– And I said ‘oh my God, your a fuckboy’
– I start ranting why i don’t want a boyfriend and I don’t understand why anyone would want one because it is against religion. As you can see, I was throwing him off.
– As a ‘laugh’ ‘ I said i know u love me’ – I was saying it on purpose but I was also joking around with him.                             – He said ‘that obvious’ – i’m not sure whether he was being serious or was joking with me.
– Then he says how he’s tried to not talk to me as much because he knew that I was revising but he just does it – I was afraid to read the message, just read the bit shown and I thought that he was confessing. I didn’t read the message and left him hanging for a few minutes, I just read the first line.  I was also talking to my guy friend about this.
– I read what he wrote and said that I’m confused because I didn’t see how that linked to what we were talking (after I look back I realise) and I thought that if I write that, it’ll make me seem clueless about the situation and that I don’t know that he likes me.
– He explains it.
– Before I wrote that, he said ‘so where do we go from here’ and he says it again.
– I said ‘wait do u actually like me’, to make it seem as if I was clueless and he said ‘yes’,
– I said that I was only joking and he said ‘well I f****d up’.
– Then he says that he thinks he knows where this is heading – my idiot sister was with me and rather than me turning me down there and then, she grabs my phone and writes ‘where’ – this really irritated me because she prolonged the conversation and it allowed him to talk more. FMLx4
– He said either that we should just be friends and forget about this conversation or just not be friends and forget about this conversation.
– I said that we shouldn’t talk and that I’m sorry – i didn’t want to continue being friends with O because I felt that he only became friends because he liked me, not because of a random joke and I doubt the feelings would go away that easily.
– He said that there’s no need to apologise.

After that, I block and unblock him on Instagram and I made sure that he didn’t have my Snapchat.

I told all of my friends and they all said that I did a good thing, WAE said that it’s like a TV Show, my other beautiful friend says ‘you just broke a little boy’s heart’ and to revise and my sister says that I was too mean when I said that we shouldn’t talk.

I don’t know why I acted clueless about the whole situation, I felt as if, if he knew that I knew, then it would’ve been a lot more weird (in my opinion).

After that, I admit, I was a bit afraid to see him in college because of awkwardness, but it was alright. I have caught him staring at me and so has WAE. But one day, he will get over me and I won’t ever have to worry about him ever again!

Personally, I felt like a boss! I knew that this day would happen, but a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt LIBERATED!

I am a bit gassed that he liked me, because I am going through a hormonal time where I feel ugly and no one will love me. (I know) But this has shown a beacon of hope for me and that I will hopefully end up with a guy that I actually like (and vise versa).

But I mostly did hate every single minute of it, I think it was mainly because I was not attracted to him AT ALL! There was nothing wrong with him (other than the creepy love sick vibe) and he wasn’t visually displeasing, I just didn’t like him!

But what I find so strange is that if I didn’t have the change in my hand, then he wouldn’t have had sparked that conversation with me and this entire thing would have never happened!

So your probably reading this and thinking what the entire point of his post! Something like this has never happened to me, this is definitely because I went to an only girl’s school and I didn’t know any guys, so this is a sort of diary entree and an advice post to someone in my situation.

If you think a guy likes you, first confirm it before you say something, or else you would probably look a bit stupid.

Anonymous Angel

Dive In Dine In: Creams


So the day me and my best mate WAE thought about this was the day we decided to go to Creams!

Creams is a well known desert place in East London and is known mostly for their Waffles & Crepes – but they have Sundaes, Hot Drinks and Milkshakes!

Both of us had never been and when we saw our mate with a beautiful milkshake from the place, we decided to go!

First we googled the place and looked at the menu, thankfully they had a pretty good website with good information about the place, but they didn’t have the prices – luckily there is a creation called ‘Zomato’ and the menu was on their!

The food is moderately cheap, everything is £10 below, except for ‘The Crowd Pleaser’, but that’s for a whole family.

We looked through the menu and I was hoping to get my hands on a waffle, but the pictures showed more of the waffle than the items on top, so I decided against it. The thing that did caught my eye was the ‘Banana Burrito Wrap’ and ‘Crepe au Nutella’, and since WAE is a succer for coffee, ‘The Coffee Affrogato’ and ‘The Banana Burrito Wrap’.

We kept on yearning for the day that we could go and then the day FINALLY arrived!!!!

We grabbed the essentials: money & our appetite and headed to Gants Hill!

When we arrived, we were immediately seated (keeping in mind the fact this was after school hours) and we both went to order. I decided to go for the ‘Crepe au Nutella’ and waeam went for ‘Coffee Bean Latte Sundae’! – Like I said, coffee lover.

Ordering the food was quite easy, all we had to do was go up to the till. They did let me know that the crepe consisted of nuts and bananas which I thought was very thoughtful of them. After that, my food came LITERALLY A FEW MINUTES later! WAE’s food took its time. This happened in Nandos as well…

When that coffee bean sundae finally arrived, we both digged in!

IMG_20170324_172305_079Crepe au Nutella:- As you can see, it looked visually pleasing. But to be honest, I had higher expectations. The crepe tasted adequate and the bananas, along with the nuts, were too overpowering (WARNING: DO NOT ORDER THIS IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS ALLERGIC TO NUTS, THE SCENT WILL KILL HER). The only thing that kept me going, was the ice-cream on the side to neutralise the entire thing. I usually love pancakes with Nutella and banana but for some reason, this wasn’t for me. It tasted like an ordinary crepe rather than this new and amazing thing that I have never tried! I give this a 6/10. 


Coffee Bean Sundae:- WAE says: ‘the ice cream was nice however, the caramel sauce was not the best as it tasted a bit out dated. On top of the ice cream there were chocolate-covered coffee beans which I did not like as it was very hard, I also have braces which makes impossible for me to eat therefore I had to take the beans out.’ WAE gives this a 6/10.




Overall, the experiance at the restaurant was very pleasing, we were treated with great care. But the food was not as amazing as everyone had raved about. It could be because of what we ordered but who knows. The ice-cream was the only thing that kept us going.  It was nice, but not something I would dream about. In our opinion, Creams would be the place to go for a small occasion or every few months, not every week!

So Creams is a place to dine in but not every single day!

Tune in to our next adventure on Dine In Dive In!

Anonymous Angel