My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 4

Pre Laser:

I am getting a bit paranoid that I will need more than 6 sessions for my legs to be smooth. Why? Because I keep seeing stubble and its getting irritating.

I am starting to see less and less hair growth which is obviously a good sign.

I trimmed my legs using my trusty trimmer but it does take a while for the hair to be trimmed to the desired length, I often had to go over a stand of hair a few times before the hair went down.

My mum bought me the salted coconut hand scrub from lush (which I usually use on my body), exfoliated my legs after i trimmed and I used the body shop mango shower gel (which leaves my skin feeling soft).

The session:

This time, the session kind of felt a lot more sensitive than my previous sessions. I don’t know why, but it just did for some reason. Again, she had done my feet which I found quite interesting.

Post Laser:

I am seriously getting paranoid that I will need to do more than 6 sessions on my legs! I feel like more hair is growing back than ‘disappearing’. I asked my cousin who is also doing it at a different place and her legs look smooth.

We were talking to my mum about it and GUESS WHAT, my mum says that the beautician had spoken to her (just as my mum also goes there) and she told my mum that I shouldn’t have done the treatment now because I’m still growing up and my hormones are going crazy and because of this, my hair growth will be weird…


So after that, I decided that I will continue shaving, I don’t think the trimmer is meeting the hair length requirements for my treatment and I think that I have learnt my lesson after the razor burns!

I’m looking at my legs now and I think that I may have overreacted about the hair growth and I’m seeing less hair than usual.

We’ll see in my next session.

Anonymous Angel


Product Review: Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler

So, as you guys know, I am doing laser hair removal and shaving is NOT working for me (shaving rash). So the beautician suggested that I use a trimmer because I just need my hair to be less than 2mm (I think).

The day before, I went to superdrugs to buy some real techniques and I saw it but I didn’t think of it until I shaved my legs and developed some shaving rash.

After that, I googled some good trimmers and the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler came up and it was only £15!

I didn’t realise that it would be cheaper than I anticipated.

The styler is also available in shops like Boots so it isn’t that hard to purchase; you can even get it online!

I went to one Superdrugs to buy the trimmer but I couldn’t find it, so I went to my local superdrugs and found it there.

What was quite strange was that on the tag it said that it was about £24 but when I went to the till, it was only £15. So it obviously shows that they need to fix their tags.

The minute I arrive home, the first thing I do is read what’s inside and open the very sealed packaging.

The product contains:

1x Beauty Styler
1x 2-sided precision head for optimal eyebrow shaping
1x Bikini trimming head
2x Comb attachments
1x Styler cap
1x Cleaning brush
1x Beauty pouch
1x AA battery included

I love how a variety of trimmers are included and how a battery is included, it does kind of show how they care about women’s beauty and want us to have an enjoyable experience.

The trimmer already has the 2-sided precision head on and it was VERY hard to take off. I kept on twisting and turning but it wouldn’t come off. I tried everything. I knew my mum would be able to open it so in the mean time, I tried the styler out on my hand.

The trimmer did not cut the hairs quite so consistently, but this could have been because the head I was using was not for the body, but for face. I wax by arms almost monthly so the growth of my hair is not as consistent as I would want it to be.

I’ve found this video which gives a visual demonstration of the product:

I used the trimmer on my legs and to be honest, it wasn’t my favourite, obviously it wasn’t as smooth as I had wanted it to be and I don’t think that all the hairs were the same length; but in my mind, that’s what I wanted.

I used the face head for my upper lip and that had given better results than the legs. I also tried to trim my eyebrows but it didn’t work out as the trimmer was in the middle of the head, not directly at the top so I couldn’t really get in there.

So overall, I do like the product, I wouldn’t use it for my body, the trimmer can only do so much, but I would use it for my face (beneath the eyebrows).

So that’s pretty much it, I know I haven’t been posting consistently but that’s mainly due to procrastinating both this and my school work.

Anonymous Angel

18 Things I’ve Learnt In 18 Years!

I’M 18!!!!!! I’M FINALLY AN ADULT AND I CAN DO THING (kind’ve)!!!

In all my 18 years of living, I definately have learnt things that have made me a somewhat better person and just general things I wish that I knew before!

1.Family is EVERYTHING!!!

2.It’s never meant to be EASY!

3.Know who your TRUE FRIENDS are!

4.Stop apologising for EVERYTHING YOU DO!

5.If you want something GO FOR IT!

6.If you don’t AGREE with something, then SAY IT!

7.Always follow your GUT INSTINCT!

8.You don’t need 1,000,000 FRIENDS!

9.You are BEAUTIFUL!

10.You will SURVIVE in the END!!!

11.Don’t OVERTALK!

12.Stay SAVAGE!

13.KARMA is a BITCH!

14.If you don’t like something, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

15.ME, MYSELF & I!

16.Don’t be AFRAID to try something DIFFERNENT!

17.Don’t CHANGE youself for other people!


21, You’re Up!

Anonymous Angel

My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 3

Pre Laser:

So I shaved my legs for my treatment, and obviously I used the double shave method as before. I used my current and a new razor to do this. The old razor for the first shave and the new one for the second shave. I did this so the new razor can take of the dead skin without getting clogged up as much.

But this time, my legs were seriously itchy, especially around my knee area – my legs usually do oftenly get quite itchy after I shave (one of the reasons why I opted for laser).

My mum did buy some aloe vera gel so I rubbed that around my legs and it did get a bit better.

The Treatment:

So I went to my appointment, the beautician started to laser my legs. There was a strange thing that I noticed, she did my feet and toes. I did shave them because they were getting a bit too hairy but she never lasered them before, so yeah.

After she did the front of my legs I turned around and the beautician noticed that I’ve got shaving rash around the back of my knees, since I was scratching there. So because of this, in order to not damage more than what was already there – the intense heat from the laser might cause the rashes to bleed.

So in order to avoid this, she told me to come back after a few days and gave me some tips to avoid these rashes. Some of these were to:

  • Use conditioner rather than shaving cream to have a better glide.
  • Use a new raser
  • Rather than shaving, use a trimmer – to avoid the rash

So I am going to buy a trimmer, preferably a Veet one and see how that goes!

I bought my trimmer after an annoying bus trip and I posted a review of it on my blog. So check that out.

Post Treatment:

My legs are itchy as f**k right now and I am constantly putting aloe vera and cream on them to sooth them, I’ve put ice on my legs to control the itch and that has actually worked.

2nd Treatment:

After a cancellation, I finally managed to get the back of my legs done!

I told my beautician that my legs were definitely itchy and she said it was because of the shaving. The laser usually hurts around my ankles and this time, I could definitely feel it on my calf.

After that, I went home, took my pants off and layed down in my sweet sweet bed with the AC on.

Post Treatment:

My legs do occasionally itch but its nothing that some aloe vera and ice can’t do and I have definitely noticed a significant decrease in the amount of hair growing on my legs. Its VERY patchy. But I am paranoid that I will need more than 6 sessions to get rid of the majority of the growth.

Anonymous Angel

Thoughts on Religion…

When I was young, 5 years old to be precise, I did not know who/what God was. It wasn’t until my cousins came to visit from Pakistan that I had discovered who He is. I did have some friends who would talk about him but I thought that he was just an Imaam at a mosque.

Growing up, I wasn’t very religious and to be honest, I’m still not. I don’t dress modestly, apart from only wearing sleeved tops, I don’t cover my hair, I don’t pray 5 times a day, I don’t mind having a boyfriend and a few other things that some people would cast as ‘not being religious’.

If you have read my first blog post, you would know that I was the only Muslim girl in my class who did not wear a head scarf and I was treated very harshly for that. Being told that I am going straight to hell, snakes would eat my corpse and the Sun would burn me, just because of wearing nail polish. I was not only confused but upset at these so called ‘friends’ for saying this stuff to me and to be honest, I did not know what to do.

Part of me did not believe them whatsoever, but a part of me was rethinking as to how religious I really am and whether I really was ‘a muslim’.

My family aren’t as religious as the next family, except for my dad who you can say is the most religious family member.

I’m not totally secular, I have read the Qu’ran, 4 times to be exact, I understand its meaning, I know how to pray namaaz, I am a firm believer in God. So how could they just say that I’m not Muslim?

I admit I’m not sure whether to believe every single thing on the Qu’ran, I’m not sure whether to believe in heaven and hell or in jins. I’m more of an ‘I’ll believe it till I see it’ kind of girl.

Coming in to secondary school did help me as I was not the only one who did not wear a headscarf and I found out that another girl who went to the same primary school as me had also faced the same problem but she was in a different class to me.

I realised that I wasn’t alone.

What I fail to understand is that isn’t bullying a big no in religion? Isn’t it wrong to oppress someone? Wouldn’t that leave a mark on judgement day?

I personally believe that everyone has their own take on what exactly religion is to them. Someone can be the most modest person but that might not reflect what’s on the inside, maybe to someone, praying isn’t the only way to stay connected to God, but through something else.

Whatever it is, I hope it allows you to feel closer to God as well as to identify with your religion.

Anonymous Angel

My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 2

When your post gets deleted and you deleted the draft…

Pre Treatment:

So, obviously I was excited to see the little hairs gone off of my somewhat beautiful legs.

Like every laser appointment, I have to shave my legs before the appointment and I really wanted to make sure that I get as close to the hair line as possible.

I was watching Wengie’s summer hacks video ( and she showed this double shave method where you: shave > exfoliate > shave and this guaranteed softer legs and it would get rid of the dead skin cells.

So the scrub consisted of honey, olive oil and sugar and you mix that to make a scrub.

I did the method and realised that my razor kept on getting clogged up so I started to use a new razor during my shave.

After the shave, I noticed that I was getting ingrown hair as well as red bumps on my fore leg.

The Treatment:

I arrived at the salon and was conscious about one thing, I unfortunately had started my period meaning that I am wearing a pad (I have never tried a tampon and I don’t know anyone who even uses one). So I was a bit conscious that she’d see my pad but I knew that this was all in my head.

The treatment felt the same as usual, I could feel it more for some reason.

Post Treatment:

I’m not going to lie, my legs are quite itchy, it could be because of the laser or the fact that I was shaving. Right now I’m using my E45 to sooth the pain but it doesn’t seem to be working.

We’ll soon find out what is going on.

Anonymous Angel

My Journey to Laser Hair Removal: Session 1

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that nervous! I was excited, but not nervous. I arrived in the salon, gave my consent form and went down to do my laser treatment!

Now this is when things got a bit awkward. I am a MASSIVE lover of jeans and evidently, I was wearing them on the day of my treatment and unfortunately, I had to take them off, thus exposing my smooth yet stubbly legs and the unfortunate amount of cellulite. YAY!

This only lasted for a second because I knew that I was not the only one with this insecurity and I doubt my beautician would have given a damn about it.

I place my jeans in the provided basket, as well as my bag and shoes, she gave me the green spectacles, I lay down, she puts the freezing cold gel on me, starts off the machine and begins to laser the hell of my legs!

This time, I did feel a slight burn/tingling sensation near my ankle. But it was durable (threading is a lot worse) but I did not have that before – it was probably because I did it on  a different part of my body.

During the treatment, we were having small talk because we knew eachother and I did face another awkward/weird moment when she told me to turn around (to do the back part of my leg). With my freshly scraped legs and my current relaxation state, I did find this part quite weird. Especially as the rolled tissue on the chair as sticking to some parts of my leg!

After ALL of that, I put my jeans on – this didn’t feel weird or awkward for me, headed up to pay the remaining cash and to book my next session. My beautician told me to not shave, not to tan, avoid direct contact to sunlight and to not shower for 24 hours.

I went to KFC and I was paranoid because it was a sunny day but my legs felt fine and they still do.

When I FINALLY arrive home, my family were shocked that I arrive earlier than they had thought. I showed them my legs and I think they assumed that my legs would be different – but they weren’t.

Post Laser:

After about 2 weeks. I noticed that parts of my hair were not growing consistently. I had parts where my leg hair was fully grown and some parts where there was just stubble. This was a sign that the treatment was working!

My legs were quite itchy, but I read that this was one of the side effects of laser hair removal and my legs to tend to get quite itchy when I shave them – one of the reasons why I was getting the treatment done!

Anonymous Angel