Product Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

It was my sister’s birthday and she requested that we go to Westfield for a shopping spree. So obviously that’s what we did.

I have been eyeing the Clinique Tinted Moisturizer for I think about a month or so, so my mum told me to just buy it at Boots and so I did! The woman at the Clinique counter had applied it onto my face and I instantly fell in love! She had also applied a primer onto my face and I loved how it had made my face look even. But I apply the moisturizer without a primer as I don’t own one. Primers make a canvas for your face to make it easier to apply your make up and it colour corrects your face in order to make it even. Once I get one, probably from Clinique, I will wear it with the moisturizer and also foundation.

I wanted something to wear to someones house, to a day at Westfield or a small family/social gathering without making it evident that I have make up on and the tinted moisturizer looked like the best option. As the product consists of a moisturizer, it would probably not feel too heavy on my face, it will hydrate it. It has SPF 15 which is just a bonus as I can walk out in the Sun with the moisturizer protecting me from it. And since it’s tinted, it would give my face a little bit of coverage without making it obvious.

And trust me it does!

My mum says that it makes my face look even and colour corrected. The product does not feel heavy on my face and the tinted moisturizer is the PERFECT shade for me which makes it look very natural, so natural that when I buy new products for my skin, I will take a sample of my tinted moisturizer to find the right shade for me and the goal for the product is to give you a natural look. Phew!

I simply just use my hands rather than a brush because I believe that it will give me a decent, ‘I’m not wearing makeup’ coverage. For foundation, I would use a brush. I just squirt the product out of the bottle twice, rub it on my hands and apply it on. If you put too much of the product on your face, it would make your face look pale, something I found out the hard way. Although it is a moisturizer I do put on another moisturizer before hand as my face dries up VERY quickly and I think that the tinted product should have a bit of support when it comes to moisturizing because it’s not fully a moisturizer.

Other than the fact that my face looks even and natural, the only issue I have with the tinted moisturizer is that it’s only 30ml and it cost me roughly £20 and now it’s gone up to £23. I personally think that it is too pricey and it should at least roughly be £15. I also thought that there would be a lot more. But, as I only wear the tinted moisturizer for the occasions mentioned, I do rarely use it so I wouldn’t have to constantly buy a new one when it runs out unless you want to wear the moisturizer everyday.

Ok! That’s all I have to say about this AMAZING product. I feel as if I have said ‘moisturizer’ and ‘natural’ a bit too much. But you hopefully get the point. I really love Clinique products and the tinted moisturizer does not disappoint.

Anonymous Angel